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Want to travel for pennies on the dollar?

An expert at unraveling the travel industry's secrets, Sam shows you step by step not only how easy it is to get to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts and spas in the world - but also how to get there for only pennies on the dollar - sometimes in First Class.

You may have seen his videos, probably read his words online and in the newspapers. A few minutes reading his book will help you on your way to taking advantage of the many insider tips for Traveling for Pennies on the Dollar.

Why would these popular destinations and companies want to do this?

Every country, every hotel, every airline has a massive marketing budget - budgets that are actually increased in times of recession. A slow travel market means more opportunities for you.

Sam really reveals all - all the hidden extras available and, most importantly, how to get them.

He not only shows you how easy it is for you to travel the world and stay in luxury at reduced rates, he also "spills the beans" on hidden perks and insider-only tricks.