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Traveling for Pennies eBook Cover

Travel The Globe for only Pennies on the dollar!

An expert at unraveling the travel industry's secrets, Sam shows you step by step not only how easy it is to get to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts and spas in the world - but also how to get there for only pennies on the dollar - sometimes in First Class.

You may have seen his videos, probably read his words online and in the newspapers. A few minutes reading his book will help you on your way to taking advantage of the many insider tips for Traveling for Pennies on the Dollar.

"This is exactly what I ordered. It has everything needed to travel cheaply. You'll like it."

Here are some examples of what you will learn:


"It showed me some really great ways to save money on Hotels, transportation, food and attractions. If you're planning to travel in the near future this book really is a must have!"

Read the book, implement the tips, and start traveling. If you still don’t like the book, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. I’m that confident that this book will help you succeed.

"This book is absolutely amazing. If you are someone who loves to travel, you definitively need to look at this book. If you always have wanted to travel, and could not afford it, this is the book for you"

"I was so intrigued and thought this just isn't about traveling for the cheapest prices but, getting paid to travel. I cannot believe that he was giving away so much information. I would not have been able to travel as much as I have if I didnt get a hold of this eBook"

"I have been traveling around the world for years now but I still found tons of useful tips and tricks that I am definitively going to apply for my next vacation."

"This book is really the ultimate guide to traveling for only pennies on the dollar. If you are traveling in the near future, this book is a must have."

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